Event / 08.04.2021

Online premiere of "Under One Sky" movie

Online premiere of "Under One Sky" movie

On the occasion of the online premiere of "Under One Sky" movie ARARAT Museum of Yerevan Brandy Company hosted a special event, where the guests watched the movie as well as enjoyed a warm night of shared thoughts and emotions.

Though the movie is originally premiered on the specially created https://underonesky.araratbrandy.com platform, the event organizers provided fully immersing experience enriched with ARARAT cocktails and starry sky.

The format of the premiere screening was also unique — all the guests have been offered with the earphones, so that everyone could enjoy the film in its original platform.

"This is a story about human feelings, about life and values which unite. This is a story told by one of the main Armenian brands, by ARARAT", says director Hrach Keshishyan.

"Under One Sky" is a cross cultural project launched to celebrate the redesign of the Legendary Armenian Brandy. By this new artistic form, the brand illustrates its genuineness and eternal values, that continue to inspire.

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