In the character of ARARAT "Ani" one can feel the refinement of a female name and the power of the great city of Ani, the history of which goes back to the depths of centuries of the homeland of Armenian brandy. We have carefully selected brandy distillates to create a 7-year-old ARARAT "Ani" blend for you.

0,05, 0,20/0,25, 0,5, 0,70/0,75 l
Alc. by vol.
7 years

Important details

Amber with rich warm mahogany shades.
It harmoniously combines tones of citrus, dried figs and sweet almonds.
Fresh and spicy with bright notes of orange, vanilla and subtle hints of almond.

Unlock the moment

Spend time with pleasure

Tasting of the ARARAT "Ani" Armenian brandy with friends and family will create a unique moment of ARARAT, the warmth of which will remain with you for a long time.

Perfect shape

High quality embodiment

This seven-year-old vintage brandy has an elegant bouquet with warm sunny hues and a gradually unfolding rounded powerful taste that shades into a soft and long aftertaste. Its composition and strength will reveal new facets of brandy and emphasize the fullness of the moment. A great option of gift alcohol for a connoisseur.

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Exceptional taste characteristics made ARARAT brandies famous far beyond the borders of Armenia. The ARARAT range has the right drink for any occasion. Find out more about our range on the website.

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