ARARAT “Armenia” is the gem of the exclusive collection of brandies, recreated according to the original recipe of Markar Sedrakyan. The 10-year-old blend was inspired by the history and culture of the master’s homeland, it combines brightness and nobility, unsurpassed quality and strength.

0.75 l
Alc. by vol.
10 years


Mahogany color with deep fiery tints and shades of dark amber.
Rounded with pronounced notes of oak spice from the casks in which the alcohols were aged..
Contains rich accords of chocolate and cinnamon with a citrus accent, followed by cardamom.

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ARARAT "Armenia" is a unique vintage drink. The masters of the Yerevan Brandy Company prepare it according to the iconic recipe of the past century, which is why the blend has such a multifaceted taste. ARARAT "Armenia" is perfect for the role of a congratulatory brandy that will come in handy at any celebration.


High quality embodiment

This classic Armenian brandy has long gained popularity among connoisseurs. ARARAT “Armenia” is more than just elite drink. There is a rich history and work of many masters behind it, and the brandy itself is a real symbol of its creator’s selfless love for his homeland.

National patterns, vines of grapes and the tops of Mount Ararat adorn the bottle and gift package of ARARAT “Armenia”, personifying the continuity of production traditions and the unique heritage of the company.

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Exceptional taste characteristics made ARARAT brandies famous far beyond the borders of Armenia. The ARARAT range has the right drink for any occasion. Find out more about our range on the website.

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