A precious blend of 30-year-old ARARAT "Erebuni" brandy is distinguished by its exquisite aroma and unique generous taste. It bears the name of the ancient Erebuni fortress, erected in 782 BC by order of King Argishti I.

0.75 l
Alc. by vol.
30 years


Deep amber color blending into mahogany shades. It looks as if the drink radiates warmth.
Deep, ambient and silky, with a wide variety of tones.
The combination of dried fruits and roasted hazelnuts leaves a pleasant tartness of aged oak, complemented by apricot and prunes.

the moment

Spend time with pleasure

ARARAT "Erebuni" is marked by the greatness of the time, any connoisseur of genuine Armenian brandy will be glad to have it in their collection. A tasting of such a drink is a special ritual that takes time and a fine sense of taste. Use special brandy glasses to fully appreciate all the nuances.


High quality embodiment

ARARAT "Erebuni" blend combines more than 30 rare vintage spirits, each of them is unique and priceless. For a long time, they were waiting in the wings in the cellars of the Yerevan Brandy Company to eventually become part of the extraordinary drink. In honor of the fortress, whose name the brandy bears, the luxurious golden packaging is enchased with cuneiform symbols, carved on a memorial stone and immortalizing in stone the triumphal moment of founding the future Armenian capital — Yerevan.

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Exceptional taste characteristics made ARARAT brandies famous far beyond the borders of Armenia. The ARARAT range has the right drink for any occasion. Find out more about our range on the website.

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