The history

The biography of the first Armenian brandy is a story of generosity, passion for one’s work and craftsmanship.


Armenia. The end of the 19th century.

Vasily Tairov, editor-in-chief and founder of the Winemaking Newsletter magazine, inspires his brother, the first guild merchant, Nerses Tairyan [Nerses Tairian], to start brandy production, using classical French technology and the most modern equipment of the time.

The brothers set up alembics of the Charente type, imported from France, in a small stone building on the site of a former fortress

In order to reach a new level and make themselves known outside the country, at the turn of the twentieth century, the enterprise with an established production became part of Shustov & Sons, a company well-known throughout the Russian Empire.


In 1900, a gifted distiller Kirill Silchenko and a talented engineer and blending master Mkrtich Musinyants, who will be destined to create the first blended vintage Armenian brandy Fine Champagne Select, begin to work at the production.

Fine Champagne Select got its name in honor of the homeland of the classic French cognac.

The professional jury at the exhibition in Bordeaux highly appreciates the drink, confirming the high quality and its full compliance with the strict brandy standards.

Production is growing. The company manages to significantly expand reach, thanks to the built railway. Shustov and Sons partnership brandy is very popular, especially among the creative intelligentsia and the capital’s elite.

of change

The First World War affected a lot of things.

With the outbreak of the First World War, the Russian Empire declares a Dry Law, but operations in the enterprise and vineyards don’t come to a standstill. Employees do everything possible to save the plant from ruin and extinction. During this period, Mkrtich Musinyants personally rescues a unique collection of spirits from a wave of pogroms, ensuring the possibility of resuming production in the future.

And after in fire of the gilded hall, forgetting the habit of sleeping, spend the whole night long with eyes buried in yellow-eyed cognac.

During the revolutionary years, the country’s brandy factories were nationalized by a special decree of the government of the first republic of Armenia.

Soviet Armenia transforms the plant into a wine and brandy trust, uniting the country’s entire industry.

Even at this time of great change and upheaval, Armenian brandy continues to inspire creative people, and is reflected in their masterpieces.

The pride
of Armenia

A graduate of the Yerevan Agricultural Institute, Markar Sedrakyan, starts his life’s work.

After a few years, the master creates his first vintage brandy — Jubilee. Sedrakyan, who loves his homeland and its heritage passionately, proudly names the next blend Armenia.

Markar Sedrakyan made the world recognize that brandy speaks Armenian

In honor of the historical capital, a new product is dubbed Dvin. This brandy is more potent than usual. They say that the British Prime Minister l, who tried it during negotiations with the Soviet leaders during World War II, became a great admirer.

The modern capital of Armenia gives the name to the blend called Yerevan. 57 degrees brandy is created especially for the polar expeditions, which dominate the news of the time.


Construction of a new factory building

Production expanded and in the late 1940s, construction began on a new monumental factory building on a hill by the Hrazdan River. The author of the project is a recognized architect Hovhannes Markaryan.

The birth
of legends

The period of economic growth throughout the Soviet Union affects ARARAT as well

The word ARARAT acquires a new meaning, and the names of blends become synonymous with exquisite taste and consistent quality.

3 and 5 star brandies truly become country-wide favorites. And demand continues to grow in the Soviet Republics. To satisfy this, Markar Sedrakyan with the help of his disciples creates new blends that instantly become famous. Many retain the original taste and recipe: Tonakan, Akhtamar, Nairi, Ani.

Famous artists create labels for the new brandies.

Brandy “Akhtamar”
Year of creation 1967
Brandy “Nairi”
Year of creation 1967
Brandy “Ani”
Year of creation 1977
Brandy “Festive”
Year of creation 1957

A rebirth

The Yerevan Brandy Company joins the Pernod Ricard International Group of companies.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, Armenia becomes an independent state again.

During these times of great political changes and modernization of the economy, the production of Armenian brandy revives with a new force.

Thanks to the initiative and efforts of ARARAT, the state creates and adopts strict regulations that oblige the production of Armenian brandy to take place solely in Armenia with grapes only grown on Armenian soil.

A legendary

At the beginning of a new decade, an updated ARARAT logo is presented

Phoenix, which has become a mark of quality of Armenian brandy, spreads its wings on the back of the new logo. Likewise, in 2011, the legendary Dvin blend is revived.

Today, ARARAT is a modern global brand, available in more than 35 countries.

The company has become one of the country’s largest enterprises, and plays an important role in the nation’s economy. ARARAT is an integral part of Armenia’s culture and image.

As before, ARARAT supports cultural events all over the world. Art exhibitions, music and film festivals are organised under the brand’s patronage.

A new era

Responding to current challenges, ARARAT continues to develop brandy production, taking into account global trends and new consumer taste preferences

Along with classic brandies, created in the era of Markar Sedrakyan, new refined blends are always appearing in the product range.

Thanks to a unique collection of aged spirits and centuries-old traditions of craftsmanship
Applying the original recipe
With respect for the experience of professionals
At the forefront of the brandy industry
Following the philosophy and traditions of the brand
Classic brandy today is gaining new popularity worldwide as an integral ingredient for cocktails
The history of ARARAT continues to be created right now

ARARAT today is a modern global brand, represented and recognized in more than 50 countries around the world. Time constantly sets tasks for the brand, solving which ARARAT is constantly developing and growing.

Armenian cognac meets the new decade in a new look, which combines recognizable traditional features of ARARAT and new elements that make our cognacs more noticeable and recognizable for consumers.

Legendary taste takes a modern form that embodies the brand’s heritage and future-proofing.

ARARAT maintains its status of premium cognac, remaining to be a trendsetter and segment leader. ARARAT is rightfully considered as a symbol of warm friendly meetings, sincere conversations, and direct human communication.

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