Legendary brandies in a new design

The flawless content has acquired a perfect form that reveals the taste, aroma and quality of your favorite drink even better.

Famous classic

3 stars

3 stars — the youngest brandy in the range with a spicy flavor.

5 stars

5 stars — a taste created from grape varieties grown in Armenia.


Ani — an elegant blend, born from a combination of carefully selected spirits.


Akhtamar — 10 years of aging have set the bright silky character of the brandy.


Dvin — perfect balance of flavor thanks to extra aging.


Vaspurakan — bright taste, aged in Caucasian oak casks.


Nairi — the embodiment of craftsmanship in the blending of cognac distillates.

Fresh taste


Apricot is the gold of Armenia; its taste has become a perfect complement to traditional Armenian brandy. An original product in our range, ARARAT Apricot is equally good chilled and in cocktails.

Unique character


Aged in oak casks, Erebuni 30 has a silky immersive taste, and strong notes of dried fruits are felt in its noble aroma.


Erebuni 50 blend uses vintage distillates created from endemic grape varieties. The drink has absorbed their unique taste and multifaceted aroma.

Perfect craftsmanship


Charles Aznavour, together with the masters of the Yerevan Brandy Company, chose vintage distillates that reflect important moments in the Maestro’s art.

Single Cask

The only drink in the ARARAT range made without blending. Lalvar grape growing only in the Tavush region is used for it.

Collector's Edition


One of the famous blends of the legendary master Markar Sedrakyan, created as a tribute to the memory of the culture and history of Armenia.


Pleasantly burning cognac with a strength of 57° was invented by Markar Sedrakyan as a declaration of love for his native city.

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