Yerevan Brandy Company

The place where the legendary ARARAT brandies are born. A unique complex of buildings and the main center of brandy production in Armenia.


One of the largest enterprises and a symbol of the country

ARARAT develops brandy production, considering global trends and different taste preferences. ARARAT brandies are known in more than 50 countries around the world. Along with the classic brandies created during the era of Markar Sedrakyan, new exquisite blends are constantly appearing within the product line.


Secrets of craftsmanship

At the distillery in Yerevan the main components of the iconic brandy are combined. They include grapes grown in Armenia; Caucasian oak wood, from which the barrels for alcohol aging are made; spring water of the Katnakhbyur spring and the talent of the craftsmen who preserve the rich heritage of ARARAT brandies production.


The foundations of production were laid in 1887

The history of the oldest brand of Armenian brandy ARARAT began more than 130 years ago, in 1887, when the first brandy production in Armenia was founded. The spirit of pioneering, laid down by the founders Nerses and Vasily Tairyan, became the brand’s guide throughout its history: the first vintage cognac, the first international recognition at the 1902 World Exhibition in France, the birthplace of cognac. And today ARARAT, presented in 35 countries, is the first global brand of Armenian cognac.

Over the decades, ARARAT has become a real symbol of the highest quality, confirmed by numerous international awards and certificates, the most important of which is the recognition of consumers — lovers, connoisseurs and admirers of the Armenian ARARAT brandy in many countries.

The perfect balance of traditions and brand authenticity is ensured by ARARAT’s modern approach to its consumer. Unique blends, innovative products, cocktails and new brandy-based serving make ARARAT the perfect choice for any occasion: family celebration, party for friends or special occasion.

the museum

Brandy Company

2, Admiral Isakov ave., Yerevan 0082, Armenia

+374 10 540 000

Get to know the art of creating the legendary ARARAT brandies by visiting the museum in Yerevan. During the tour, you will get acquainted with the history of creation of the brandies that made Armenia famous, and see the main stages of production. The tour ends in a tasting room, where you can taste several iconic brandies.

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