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Standard package
Standard package
Immerse yourself in the history of ARARAT on a guided tour of the museum, which is also the distillery’s operating aging workshop. At the end, you will have a tasting of ARARAT "Three Stars" 25 ml and seven-year-old ARARAT "Ani" 25 ml, accompanied by sweets and water.
4,500 AMD
Cost for 1 visitor
Advanced package
Advanced package
Reveal the facets of mastery by visiting the aging workshop on a tour of the ARARAT Museum. At the end of the excursion, you will take part in the brandy tasting of 10-year-old ARARAT "Akhtamar" 25ml , 20-year-old ARARAT "Nairi" 25 ml and fifteen-year-old ARARAT "Vaspurakan" 25 ml, accompanied by sweets and water.
10,000 AMD
Cost for 1 visitor
This tour will be an excellent choice for those who love vivid impressions and are constantly looking for new flavor combinations. You will try different flavors of ARARAT: seven-year ARARAT "Ani" 25ml, ARARAT Apricot 25ml and ARARAT Coffee 25ml, accompanied by sweets and water.
7,500 AMD
Cost for 1 visitor
A comparative tasting of 10-year-old ARARAT brandies with a rare opportunity to reveal all the facets and distinct taste and aroma characteristics of three different brandies of the same age: ARARAT "Akhtamar" 25ml, ARARAT “Armenia" 25 ml and Collection reserve “Dvin" 25 ml. We’ll immerse into the mysterious world of brandy production and learn about the meticulous and creative work of master blenders to create a truly unique blend for each ARARAT brandy.
12,000 AMD
Cost for 1 visitor
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You are about to start your journey through ARARAT Museum. For us Responsible Hosting is one of the key priorities to make your visit safe and unforgettable. In this regard we would like to underline that underage drinking is unacceptable, as well as alcohol and driving are incompatible. We would like also to remind that alcohol consumption must be excluded during pregnancy.
Underage drinking is unacceptable Alcohol and driving are incompatible Consumption must be excluded during pregnancy
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Pearl of light
Pearl of light

This installation contains all the shades of natural green that are found in grapes. A sun berry with a thin shell and juicy pulp, and in it — all the richness and warmth of light.

The path of the spirit
The path of the spirit

The composition shows which way the wine goes before turning into a distillate: through many copper pipes into the very heart of a Caucasian oak cask.

The passage of time
The passage of time

Each minute adds strength and flavor to our distillates, stored deep in dark and quiet cellars. We just let time do its job for the magic to happen. The watch reminds us that waiting leads to an incredible result — the perfect combination of taste.

Balance notes
Balance notes

You need a composer to write a melody. A blend is also a kind of melody, because the master selects each distillate like notes, creating the perfect balance.

The base of Ararat
The base of Ararat

The columns are directed upward towards the heavenly light. Their location forms the recognizable contour of Mount Ararat, and in the heart of the composition, rare collectible ARARAT brandies are kept like treasures.


The blend consists of many notes that form a single harmony of taste. This installation conveys the very essence of the mastery of blending. The distillate, like sounds, moves through the pipes, turning into beautiful music.

Artist's palette
Artist's palette
Masters of blending are similar to artists, because they have a rich palette at their disposal, only in addition to colors there are many more tastes and aromas. Creating a blend of any brandy from the ARARAT range is an art. ARARAT itself has concentrated all the shades of the sun, it is a true symbol of Armenia.


Start creating your ARARAT brandy collection.

In our official store at the museum, you can find the full range of ARARAT brandies. Here you can choose both drinks from the classic line and collectible editions of long-aged brandies for yourself and your loved ones. The consultants will also help you choose the right glasses for the right tasting ritual.


2 Admiral Isakov Ave., Yerevan, 0082, Armenia
Opening hours from Monday to Sunday, 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Shop +374 10510160

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