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ARARAT Apricot received a gold medal

ARARAT Apricot received a gold medal

On November 13–22 the XXIII International professional wines and spirits contest took place in Moscow. ARARAT Apricot received a gold medal in "spirits" category.

Wines and spirits from various countries were presented at XXIII International professional wines and spirits contest including Argentina, Germany, Spain, Italy, France. The international committee has examined about 340 samples choosing the best ones in their categories.

A unique drink in the ARARAT range, ARARAT Apricot is a new sunny refraction of traditions and craftsmanship. ARARAT Apricot is made on the base of a 6-year-old ARARAT brandy, organoleptic richness of which is complemented by the delicate apricot taste. Establishing a new benchmark of taste, ARARAT Apricot with a strength of 35% has an unexpectedly mild taste, where the traditional organoleptic characteristics of brandy are elegantly draped with shades of apricot notes.

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