News / 20.05.2021

ARARAT ANI 7-year-old brandy was awarded with Gold medal in London

ARARAT ANI 7-year-old brandy was awarded with Gold medal in London

In May of this year, the international competition "The Brandy Masters" summed up the results of 2021 works. By the decision of the judging panel ARARAT Ani 7-year-old brandy was awarded a gold medal.

The competition held under the patronage of the prestigious international publication "The Spirits Business", aims to reveal to its multi-million audience the best drinks in profile categories.

It should be noted that ARARAT ANI 7-year-old brandy is a new blend in the ARARAT range, which was represented to consumers in addition to the recently renewed design of the legendary brandy.

Thus, this is the first award of the new ARARAT blend Ani 7, which enriches the history of the legendary drink’s triumphs and once again confirmed the exceptional status of the Armenian brandy on the international platforms.

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