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Book Giving Day at Yerevan Brandy Company

Book Giving Day at Yerevan Brandy Company

In the year of 135th anniversary of brandy production in Armenia Yerevan Brandy Company reinvents the tradition of book gifting and celebrates Book Giving Day in a warm and Convivial manner.

On February 18, on the eve of Book Giving Day, a special event was held at the ARARAT Museum of Yerevan Brandy Company. In frames of the event, representatives of the company shared the joy of revealing new books, reminisced about their favorite authors, as well as exchanged their thoughts on the reinventing the reading trend. On this special occasion the whole staff of Yerevan Brandy Company received special books from different eras and written by various authors.

The initiative was implemented in collaboration with “Newmag” publishing house and “Zangak” bookstore, thanks to which a unique collection of books was selected - from ancient to contemporary writers, from Aristotle to Robert Penn Warren, Grigor Narekatsi to William Saroyan, etc. Following the creative idea of the project authors, the book collection included works of contemporary Armenian authors as well.

“I think, a book as a notion, not only helps us to reveal new worlds and serves as a medium for perceiving different values, but also is the most significant guarantee for documenting heritage. After all, it is thanks to books that we manage to inherit and pass on our knowledge, experience, ideas, and traditions from one generation to another. On that note, it is symbolic to celebrate the Book Giving Day more profoundly, when the Armenian brandy making celebrates its 135th anniversary.” — says Serge Khachatryan, Chief Operating Officer of Yerevan Brandy Company.

“February 19th is a significant and symbolic day in our cultural life. I am delighted to see that it has also become a Pan-Armenian holiday Each step aimed to increase the popularity of reading books is crucial. The fact that professionals from various fields unite around the idea of reading allows us making something which some years ago seemed to be impossible. The best example for this is the following event and our collaboration with the Yerevan Brandy Company.” – emphasizes Shahen Mkrtchyan, Executive Director of “Zangak” Bookstore.

“It is a huge pleasure for us to see, that the Book Giving Day has become one of the important components of corporate social responsibility. The following can lead to having several beneficial impacts such as promotion of reading and publishing even more. We hope that in other spheres as well, this tradition implemented by the Yerevan Brandy Company, will serve as an example.” – noted Gnel Nalbandyan, Editor-in-Chief of “Newmag” Publishing House.

The initiative was set on the notion of “Sustainability and Responsibility”. Considering the fact that reading books became possible with yet another gift of nature, each book was attached with a special bookmark, as a constant reminder for having responsible and respectful attitude towards nature.

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