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Sati Spivakova’s “Irakan Dasakan” Book Presentation at ARARAT Museum

Sati Spivakova’s “Irakan Dasakan” Book Presentation at ARARAT Museum

On June 29, ARARAT Museum hosted famous actress and TV host Sati Spivakova’s “Irakan Dasakan” book presentation event, which is an Armenian translation of author’s book originally titled “Neskuchnaya Klassika”.

“Irakan Dasakan” is translated and published by the collaboration of “Newmag” and “Orakul” publishing houses.

The book unites interviews that Sati Spivakova had with various prominent artists such as Charles Aznavour, Fanny Ardant, Maya Plisetskaya, Robert Wilson, and others.

“Nowadays, there are few books that reflect on contemporary art. Our decision to translate the book was not only made with the consideration of the author. The content of the book played a huge role in this, being both interesting and insightful,” noted Ruben Ishkhayan, Director of “Orakul” publishing house.

The book’s Armenian translation is considered to be its first-ever foreign translation, in which the author herself gave permission to add new content with the aim of making each artist’s story more profound.

“I am extremely excited that the book’s first translation is done in Armenian. I am delighted to meet so many close and beloved people at this event. This book is all about art and people who are fond of art – a true classical book. I hope the Armenian reader will appreciate it,” said Sati Spivakova.

On the scope of the event, ARARAT Museum hosted a public talk with Spivakova, followed by ARARAT special reception. During the evening, guests not only got acquainted with the unique story behind the creation of the book, but also enjoyed the warm evening shared with thoughts, emotions, and the legendary brandy in the company of Sati Spivakova and the project’s authors.

“It’s been a while since there was a decent event, organized in Yerevan, where art was not merely a background but a very essence of event. Therefore, the choice to hold it in ARARAT Museum was not accidental. Classic is something, that is not temporary. That is to say, that both art and brandy get richer and develop new layers throughout the time,” underlined Artak Aleksanyan, Executive Director of Newmag Publishing House.

Right before the event Sati Spivakova visited ARARAT Museum, where she was presented to the 135-year-old heritage of the legendary brandy, the facets of its mastery, the secret of its creation and the creative searches of brandy masters. Spivakova also visited the Treasury of ARARAT Museum, where a unique collection of ARARAT brandies is kept, starting from rare samples dating around 1902 till our days.

“This book unites a variety of artists, many of which were guests of ARARAT Museum in different times. This comes to remind us that the most interesting stories are based on heartfelt and sincere human encounters. I am glad that ARARAT Museum is not only a museum in its classical term but also a place where warm multicultural interactions are being formed,” says Arno Tadevosyan, ARARAT Museum Manager.

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