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In the Year of 135th Anniversary of the Armenian Brandy-making, Yerevan Brandy Company revives the Legendary Blend ARARAT “Otborny”

In the Year of 135th Anniversary of the Armenian Brandy-making,  Yerevan Brandy Company revives the Legendary Blend ARARAT “Otborny”

Created back in 1902, the legendary blend ARARAT “Otborny” was the first Armenian vintage brandy, which became an opening chapter in the chronicle of triumph of the Armenian brandy-making.

In the year of meaningful anniversaries - the 135th  anniversary of brandy-making in Armenia and the 120th anniversary of the first Armenian vintage brandy, Yerevan Brandy Company revives the collection version of the legendary ARARAT “Otborny” blend.

The author of the original blend is Mkrtich Musinyants, whose creative curiosity and outstanding academic background reflected the gifts of the generous Armenian nature along with its unique grape varieties in one single brandy. Soon after its very creation, the blend managed to leave the international jury members of one of the most influential French competition astonished.

Being an alumnus of a prestigious French winemaking school, Musinyants’ “Otborny” served as a tribute to his homeland. The blend is a brilliant representation of the notion that the unity of Armenian nature and genuine craftsmanship create a gold benchmark that continues to inspire connoisseurs for generations ahead.

ARARAT “Otborny” features intense amber color with copper shine. Rounded and long-lasting taste plays with notes of citrus, caramel, and toffee. The ending chord of the taste completes with faded bitterness of almonds.

“The rebirth of “Otborny” brandy, first and foremost, is the credential of Yerevan Brandy Company’s historical succession. This is our homage for the heritage that we are a part of. This is also our pride for having a unique collection of spirits, which not only gives us an opportunity to recreate historical blends but also to produce collection reserves,” says Serge Khachatryan, Chief Operating Officer of Yerevan Brandy Company.

The renaissance of historical blends highlights the unique legacy of ARARAT. It also comes to underline the idea that only exceptional brands with profound history can recreate noble samples and make them collectioanal.

“Being a collection reserve, the recreated blend of “Otborny” emphasizes its organoleptic harmony more eloquently, since three additional years of post-blend aging perfectly reveals the shades of rare spirits. Working with ARARAT Vintage Range is always an incredible experience and a fascinating dialogue with different generations,” says Hamlet Antonyan, Head of Production of Yerevan Brandy Company.

ARARAT “Otborny” will enrich ARARAT Vintage Collection and will continue the stylistic solutions of the range’s packaging. The illustrations and main color design of “Otborny” glorify the unique essence of Armenian grape varieties as a symbol of irreplaceable inceptions of the bright stories.

The limited distribution of the ARARAT “Otborny” will definitely create yet another dialogue with the connoisseurs of ARARAT Armenian brandy.

The Vintage collection of ARARAT – a series of revived brandies produced at Yerevan Brandy Company at different times. All the blends of the vintage collection are recreated by the original recipes and recreate the master-samples of famous brandies. In 2015 the first brandy from the series was introduced in a limited quantity - legendary Armenia, later on, in 2018 celebrated “Yerevan” brandy has been relaunched.

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