Event / 30.06.2023

ARARAT Museum Supports Cultural Inclusive Project "Talking Paintings"

ARARAT Museum Supports Cultural Inclusive Project "Talking Paintings"

On June 30, the “Sarer” cultural organization, along with Martiros Saryan House-Museum, implemented the "Talking Paintings" project, which gives a chance to the people with visual impairment reveal Martiros Saryan's famous paintings. The opening ceremony of the exhibition was held with the support of the ARARAT Museum.

In the frames of the "Talking Paintings" project, 6 tactile copies of Saryan’s painting, including famous Panno "Armenia" (1964), were reproduced. The tactile copies made it possible for the people with visual impairment to feel the appearances of characters and natural landscapes depicted in the paintings, and thanks to the audio interpretation, visitors had the opportunity to listen to the detailed description of the episodes depicted in the paintings.

ARARAT Armenian brandy accompanied the long-awaited opening of the tactile exhibition. The project once again emphasized the importance of creating an intercultural agenda among museums, as well as making art accessible to a wider audience.

"There is no doubt that the most important part of every museum is the visitor. I believe this project brings new sound to Saryan’s colors and make them accessible  to much wider audience”, noted Arno Tadevosyan, ARARAT Museum Manager.

"We worked with great enthusiasm to implement the project, bearing in mind the notion to fully give ourselves to the project to accomplish it at its best. By attending many museums abroad, I can assure you that such programs are quite rare to find," says Ruzan Saryan, Director of Martiros Saryan House-Museum.

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