Event / 09.07.2023

Takeshi Kitano's Visit to ARARAT Museum

Takeshi Kitano's Visit to ARARAT Museum

On July 9, ARARAT Museum hosted Takeshi Kitano, a famous figure of Japanese film culture, director, actor, screenwriter, and painter.

During his visit, Takeshi Kitano got acquainted with the history of legendary Armenian brandy, the secrets of its creation, and the creative searches of the brandy masters.

The filmmaker also visited the Treasury of ARARAT Museum, where a unique collection of ARARAT brandies is kept.

"The first time I drank brandy, I saw that Ararat was depicted on the bottle, and I realized that it was the mountain where Noah landed. Since Armenian brandy is not very wide-known in Japan, it seemed to me that the factory would also be quite small. But when I visited, I realized that you have a huge and impressive factory and history," Kitano mentioned in a conversation with journalists.

Kitano's contribution to film culture is enormous. He starred in more than 50 films, authored several novels that were turned into screenplays, published poems and film reviews, and won many awards at the Venice and Cannes Film Festivals.

Takeshi Kitano is the guest of honor of the Golden Apricot International Film Festival, who was given the honorary Pharajanov's Thaler award for his outstanding contribution to the world of cinema.

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