Event / 20.05.2023

ARARAT Museum Museum Night 2023

ARARAT Museum Museum Night 2023

Following the well-established tradition, ARARAT Museum joined the international initiative of Museum Night, positively complementing the expectations of the public.

On May 20 starting from 19:30 up to midnight, guests of the city and the residents of Yerevan got the chance to visit ARARAT Museum without any admission fees. The tour at the museum covered all the complex aspects of the production as well as introduced the legacy of the Armenian brandy. The experience of thousands of visitors was reflected in positive feedback and reviews.

To commemorate the day, on May 20 ARARAT Museum launched a special temporary exhibition titled “Epic Journey: Credential of Values”

The Exhibition is based on Armenian and world epics: from "Gilgamesh" to "Odyssey", "Daredevils of Sassoun” to "The Song of Nibelungen" etc. As a result of the extensive and professional approach to the project, several inspiring scenes of the world's epic heritage which encapsulate ARARAT values were chosen and visualized by AI.

“Opening of the temporary exhibition on that very day is our tribute to the visitors of Museum Night.

The exhibition will be available for another two months in order to introduce the values and the heritage of world literature that are tied with ARARAT to our tourists from all over the world,” noted Arno Tadevosyan, ARARAT Museum Manager.

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