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Convivial Reunion: A New Format of Cultural Get-Together

Convivial Reunion: A New Format of Cultural Get-Together

Employees of Yerevan Brandy Company visited the Cafesjian Center for the Arts, in the frame of the 10th Convivial Reunion corporate cultural event.

Launched in 2018, Convivial Reunion is a series of cultural events which unites the employees of Yerevan Brandy Company around visits to museums and cultural centers. With its entire essence, the event complements ARARAT’s core values and presents Armenia’s significant cultural achievements, accompanying them with warm conversations and bright memories. Convivial Reunion has already become a tradition, recording a wide spectrum of cultural visits during which employees got the chance to reveal the art of rug making at Megerian Carpet, the brightest colors of mastery at Martiros Saryan House-Museum, the secrets of Yervand Kochar’s sculptures, Aram Khachaturian’s creative path, and the heritage of ancient manuscripts at Matenadaran.

           Convivial Reunion's 10th anniversary went under the tagline “The Identity of Rebirth” at Cafesjian Center for the Arts. In the frame of the event, specialists of the Center came up with a special tour including visits to “Sasuntsi Davit” and “Khanjyan” galleries.

The evening was concluded with Komitas Quartet’s concert, led by Eduard Tadevosyan, presenting works by Rachmaninoff, Mozart, and Komitas.

“Convivial Reunion, initiated by Yerevan Brandy Company, presents a brand-new way of appreciating our cultural heritage, which ensures a unique experience each time. As a member of Pernod Ricard's big family, Yerevan Brandy Company employees hold the idea of “Convivialite” that encourages everyone to share warm and sincere moments with one another. With all that in mind, Convivial Reunion develops a meaningful way of entertainment, which turns all our perceptions of cultural heritage into vibrant memories. To the degree, the visit to Cafesjian Center for the Arts made a symbolic rhyme with our emotional state, being immensely important both aesthetically and emotionally. As we know even the toughest times are followed by rebirth. No matter how harsh the Battle of Sardarapat was, it has always been followed by the peaceful sounds of Komitas. This is who we are , this is our essence”, noted Serge Khachatryan, Chief Operating Officer of Yerevan Brandy Company.

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