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ARARAT Brandy as the General Partner of Charles Aznavour 100th Anniversary Celebration Events

ARARAT Brandy as the General Partner of Charles Aznavour 100th Anniversary Celebration Events

On March 21, The Residence of the President of the Republic of Armenia hosted a ceremony, marking the opening of celebrations dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Charles Aznavour. The following event was implemented as a result of the collaboration with the "Aznavour" Foundation, ARARAT Brandy taking on the role of the main partner for upcoming events commemorating Aznavour's centennial.

The series of celebration events marking the 100th anniversary of Aznavour will unfold both in the capital and across the regions. The primary aim is to preserve the cultural heritage of the Maestro, to promote his charity activities, and to spread the human values, he invariably followed throughout his entire life.

Aznavour's legacy, comprising a vast area of work and humanitarian activities, was commemorated during the event. A tribute was paid to Aznavour, celebrating, and reevaluating his remarkable journey as an artist, writer, humanist, and diplomat. An exclusive exhibition was also presented to the guests, showcasing Aznavour's stage costume.

Yerevan Brandy Company has long revered the Maestro's mastery. In 2018, it introduced the ARARAT Charles Aznavour Signature Blend, a special brandy that embodied Charles Aznavour's eternal legacy. This blend, composed of rare spirits, mirrors the pinnacle moments of Aznavour's career.

Throughout the event, guests were offered with ARARAT Armenian brandy and cocktails based on it. They also enjoyed rich facets of Charles Aznavour Signature Blend, which symbolizes the collaborative effort between the legendary artist and ARARAT Armenian brandy.

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