News / 09.03.2022

ARARAT Aroma Experience

ARARAT Aroma Experience

ARARAT Museum launches a new program – ARARAT Aroma Experience, which reveals the essence of ARARAT Brandies in their organoleptic richness.

Brandy spirit obtains its distinct features during the ageing period  and thanks to the devoted creative work of the blending masters it evolves into a noble character. The rich and abundant flavor of the brandy develops in the process of carefully intertwining several spirits, giving the future brandy a unique taste and flavor. ARARAT Aroma Experience is an exclusive tour package to reveal the flavor features of brandy as well as to understand the complex process of blending, which will give the visitors a chance to feel the brandy in various dimensions.

ARARAT Aroma Experience tasting ritual begins with ARARAT "Ani" and "Akhtamar" brandies. In order to distinguish the merged flavors, guests evaluate the brandy by sensing three different waves. Afterwards, they create a map based on their sensations and evaluations. This exclusive experience will be available on the permanent tour programs at ARARAT Museum and will serve as a great B2B offer.

ARARAT Brandies are the embodiment of the 135-years of heritage, dedicated work of the masters and the generous nature of Armenia. This is what truly makes ARARAT authentic and unique. ARARAT Aroma Experience reveals the hidden beauty of ARARAT brandies behind the creative and hardworking process of brandy-making.

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