Armenian brandy ARARAT "Akhtamar", named after the beautiful legend about the love of Princess Tamar for a brave young man who conquered the harsh waters of Lake Van every night for her sake, today itself gives rise to legends. We have created an exceptional blend of more than fifteen distillates, providing this 10-year-old brandy with a full, soft, silky and pleasantly tart taste with a long-lasting aftertaste.

0,05, 0,20/0,25, 0,5, 0,70/0,75 l
Alc. by vol.
10 years


Warm amber shades shimmer with light copper highlights.
Voluminous and sweet, it combines strong notes of prunes and cinnamon.
Beeswax, walnut and oak with hints of prunes and vanilla.

a moment

The silky character of an exceptional blend of aged brandy distillates

Armenian brandy ARARAT "Akhtamar" can become an elegant accompaniment to your special evening or event, when during its tasting new shades that make up the legend of ARARAT taste will be revealed to you.


When a legend
becomes a classic

Tasting of ARARAT "Akhtamar" Armenian brandy from specially selected individual glasses will create an atmosphere of easiness and comfort, as well as reveal completely new facets of this 10-year-old ARARAT brandy. You can conveniently place the glass in your palm and warm the drink a little with your warmth. This will help reveal its silky character. By continuing the tasting after gently rotating the glass around its axis, you can feel all the exceptional shades of ARARAT "Akhtamar" brandy that make up the legend of ARARAT taste.

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Each ARARAT glass contains the nobility of Armenian grapes, bright rays of the Ararat valley sun, purity of spring water, the persistent character of the Caucasian oak and the warmth of our hands. Find out more about our range on the website.

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