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The contemporary shape of the legendary taste

Each of ARARAT brandies has an original bouquet. It is formed in the vineyards of Armenia, shows its character during the distillation process, matures during aging in Caucasian oak casks, gains volume with the addition of spring water and opens up in full force in a glass.

Sunny fruits and honey-nut combinations, sweet notes of caramel and slightly tart coffee — the variety of the flavor palette is well known to connoisseurs in a lot of countries. Discover a wide selection of ARARAT brandies on our website and choose yours.


A process flawless in every detail

The history of ARARAT brandy dates back more than 130 years. Modern production is inextricably linked with the centuries-old traditions and the heritage of the Yerevan Brandy Company. They are based on the generosity of nature and the work of craftsmen. Selected Armenian grapes, time-tested technologies of creating brandy spirits, the art of blending — the high quality of the product is controlled at all stages of the drink’s creation, from grape to glass. Immerse yourself in the world of ARARAT by learning more about our production.

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