Elegant ARARAT "Erebuni 50" is the most matured drink in the modern range. It opens a bright new chapter in the 130-year history of the art of making Armenian brandy. Rare spirits are used for the blend, which makes its aroma so multifaceted and balanced, and its taste truly noble.

0.75 l
Alc. by vol.
50 years


Golden amber color with rich fiery shades of copper and mahogany.
Rich, silky, full flavor enriched with noble tones of dark chocolate, dried fruits, toasted nuts and prunes at the end
Caramel, dried apricots, walnuts, cigar box, chocolate, very rich, deep and spicy aroma with tinted tones of cloves, coniferous resin and smoky prunes

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ARARAT "Erebuni 50" is an invaluable masterpiece of Yerevan Brandy Company masters, it will be appreciated even by sophisticated brandy connoisseurs. Each sip reveals a unique palette of taste and aroma, that contain the riches and the generosity of the Armenian land.


The heritage of the sun

ARARAT "Erebuni 50" premium blend is a harmonious combination of more than 50 types of rare spirits, the oldest of which — the rarest sample of the distillery’s storage — is 104 years old. Distillates are made exclusively from grapes grown in the Ararat Valley, they contain all the power of nature. The gift package and the design of the decanter are inspired by the history of Armenia and the heritage of many generations of the factory’s craftsmen. Golden details remind of the symbolic wings of the ancient gods, whose images adorn the bas-reliefs of the Erebuni fortress to this day.

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