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“Salt of the Earth” of Armenia: A Special Project of the “Sol” Magazine and ARARAT Armenian Brandy

“Salt of the Earth” of Armenia: A Special Project of the “Sol” Magazine and ARARAT Armenian Brandy

Armenia - a country with rich natural wonders from the warm Ararat Valley to the hills with dense forests and fresh air. Nature, filled with generous sun, gives birth to unique products and local grape varieties from which ARARAT Armenian brandy is produced.

How to experience the true and authentic taste of Armenia?

Special for gastro enthusiasts, this season of "Sol" magazine reveals the regions of Armenia through the lenses of ARARAT and launches a series of original dinners. Three special places in Armenia, where guests can taste set menus from four Moscow chefs, who strive to reflect the essence of the Armenian land through simple yet bright and unique servings, created in a special heartfelt atmosphere with a gastronomic combination of ARARAT-based cocktails.

The base is local products. The atmosphere almost feels as if you’ve just visited a chef in action. No preparations, only seasonal products that are bought, collected, and fetched right before dinner. Thus, both chefs and guests are about to experience not merely a culinary journey, but also a unique performance of its kind.

Roman Kiselev (“Rene” Restaurant ) was set to be the first to open the series of dinners, serving a set with the aesthetics of Saint Petersburg at the Tsaghkunq restaurant, located in a village near Sevan.

Next, we move to the ImToon restaurant in Dilijan, where the gorgeous view becomes even more breathtaking thanks to Nikita Brekhov (“The Greeks” restaurant), holding the second dinner as part of a special project. The project concluded with a dinner of two Moscow chefs at once, Anton Kovalkov and Georgy Troyan (“Le Pigeon” restaurant), who presented a gastro experience at the Phoenix Bar restaurant in Yerevan.

The project was launched in collaboration with ARARAT Legendary Brandy, the symbol of Armenia, its soul and quintessence.  The refined range of ARARAT brandies as well as the cocktails made of ARARAT were accompanying each dinner. ARARAT infused menu will soon cross the borders of Armenia to enjoy gastro connoisseurs abroad.

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