News / 29.08.2023

ARARAT the Armenian Brandy Won Just Drinks Excellence Awards

ARARAT the Armenian Brandy Won Just Drinks Excellence Awards

International Influential Just Drinks Excellence Awards announced the winners’ list for 2023, in which ARARAT won two honorable awards.

ARARAT Cherry from ARARAT Flavors range won prize in two nominations - "Innovations" and "Product Launches".

“With the ARARAT Flavor range, the company is taking Armenian brandy in a new direction, opening new opportunities to find new customers and embrace the growing mixology culture by introducing new flavor profiles to broaden its appeal,” is mentioned in the announcement of the awards.

By uniting the professionals of the field – including both researchers and connoisseurs – Just Drinks Excellence Awards receives thousands of applications from across the world each year.

It is worth mentioning that ARARAT Flavor range launched in 2019 and is currently producing several flavored drinks such as ARARAT Apricot, ARARAT Coffee, ARARAT Cherry, and the newly launched product ARARAT Honey.

ARARAT Flavor range was aimed at strengthening the brand’s position in the “Premium +” segment and involving new consumers. Produced in the previous years, ARARAT Apricot, ARARAT Coffee, and ARARAT Cherry have been holding the title of “N1 imported flavored brandy worldwide” with their consumption values for several years thanks to the dedicated and consistent work of Yerevan Brandy Company professionals and ARARAT team across the world. This research is done by IWSR – a leading international research company in the alcohol sector.

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