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ARARAT Craft & Twist: One Day, One Bar, Four New Cocktails

ARARAT Craft & Twist: One Day, One Bar, Four New Cocktails

On November 4th, Phoenix Bar welcomed ARARAT Craft & Twist bartenders, who revealed the new facets of the legendary Armenian brandy by presenting their visitors four absolutely new cocktails.

Three years in a row, Yerevan Brandy Company in cooperation with the Armenian Bartenders’ Association initiates ARARAT Craft & Twist bartenders’ competition. The competition is aimed to give new shades to the bar’n’cocktail traditions and contribute to the development of innovations in mixology culture.

ARARAT Craft & Twist team consists of the winners of the same name competition from different years — David Hovhannisyan, Stepan Abrahamyan and Gor Ghazaryan. Hence, the ARARAT Craft & Twist Team Guest Bartending evening will be enriched with special cocktails made by the leading professionals of the sphere.

"David, Gor and I work in different bars and we’ve never tried to share experience in that way. It is a great honor for the three of us to be members of the bartenders’ team of ARARAT. On November 4th we are going to present cocktails by taking into consideration the approach of those people who prefer innovations and open for the new experiences as well as the approach of those who prefer good old classics," says Stepan Abrahamyan, ARARAT Craft & Twist Team Bartender.

ARARAT Coffee, ARARAT Ani & ARARAT Apricot will serve as a base for making the evening’s cocktails․ Bartenders also crafted a unique technique for making a non-alcoholic cocktail with ARARAT Apricot, which will keep all the shades of taste and smell of the brandy.

"ARARAT legendary brandy cocktails already have high level of awareness and demand in ARARAT export markets. This trend involves new consumers and at the same time reveals the multilayered nature of the legendary Armenian brandy for our old and devoted consumers," says Vardges Hoveyan, Export Development Manager of Yerevan Brandy Company.

ARARAT Craft & Twist Team Guest Bartending will serve as a new platform for creating connections between field specialists and appreciators of cocktail culture. The launch of the initiative will be continuous and will be implemented not only in Armenia but also abroad.

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