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ARARAT Cherry. Celebration Evening

ARARAT Cherry. Celebration Evening

On September 2, Yerevan Brandy Company hosted a celebration evening dedicated to ARARAT Cherry, the brand-new product of ARARAT Flavors range.

Being one of the most iconic places of Yerevan, Yerevan Brandy Company opened its doors by bringing together both the historical and the modern, the traditional and the new ways of creativity.

“Tonight we celebrate our new product – ARARAT Cherry, which has already been available for our consumers for almost two months. From a business perspective, it is a rather short time span for making profound assumptions, but our first feedback is truly promising. I believe that the strategy adopted back in 2019 with ARARAT Flavors range will open new perspectives with this drink, both for ARARAT classic and for the flavors ranges. I am delighted that ARARAT has a huge family of advocates, whom we welcome to share our achievements at the very heart of ARARAT – at Yerevan Brandy Company,” says Serge Khachatryan, Chief Operating Officer of Yerevan Brandy Company.

The spirit of the evening was primarily emphasized by the spectacular building of Yerevan Brandy Company, where every corner is filled with new discoveries – with statues of Artashes Hovsepyan and unique architectural solutions.

The notion of the evening was also completed by a series of installations, such as the aging barrels which were exclusively taken out of the aging cellar to symbolically represent the idea of aged brandy spirit, which is also the basis of ARARAT Cherry innovative product.

With 30% ABV, ARARAT Cherry is emphasized with a soft, round taste and shades of candied cherry, which evolves into a long-lasting and gradually revealing aftertaste of chocolate. Already a widely appreciated drink among the public, ARARAT Cherry is perfect while serving neat or in cocktails.

ARARAT Cherry is the third in the ARARAT Flavor range, which enriches early launched ARARAT Apricot and ARARAT Coffee.

With the new innovative range, the brand brought a fresh spirit to the mixology culture and enriched the collection of ARARAT cocktails even more. Summarizing the following notion, Yerevan Brandy Company hosted several popular bars in Yerevan such as Phoenix, Kong, Minas, and The Kond House, which presented special cocktails based on ARARAT Cherry.

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