ARARAT design

A contemporary shape for the legendary taste

We are proud to present the new design of ARARAT brandies. We have updated our packaging, making them more modern but at the same time fully reflecting the characteristics of the brandies that you know well.

Standard Premium Super-Premium

The quality and taste of ARARAT brandies have remained unchanged. Produced according to the traditional technology, our brandies embody centuries of experience and the heritage of the craftsmen.

We have preserved the recognizable ARARAT style but intensified the differences in the packaging of young, premium and super-premium brandies. Now it is easy to understand which product is in front of you. This will make it easier to navigate the range and find your special ARARAT brandy.

The symbol of quality

We have preserved the symbol of quality of ARARAT brandies, the Phoenix, it is present on all the updated ARARAT packaging, confirming the invariably high quality of our brandies.

This detail, combined with the well-known ARARAT logo with three capital «A» letters, underlines the uniqueness and the premium quality of the brand.

The unique design elements of the new packages confirm the authenticity and quality of the legendary Armenian brandy.

The bottles are marked with an embossed trademark — a Phoenix with spread wings inscribed in the capital letter "A".

There is also an image of a phoenix on the cork. An important part of the symbol is the year of ARARAT foundation.

On the box, the Phoenix is highlighted with gold embossing, so it blends in with other elements harmoniously.

The beauty of the details

Reveals the true spirit and authenticity of ARARAT

Ornaments and decor elements, traditional for Armenia, have been transformed on the new ARARAT bottles into unique symbols characterizing the quality and the taste of our brandies.

The lower part of the bottle is decorated with Mount Ararat, the symbol of the Ararat Valley, the birthplace of ARARAT brandies.

A suite of arches symbolizes brandy distillates of different aging years that form a unique palette of tastes in our blends.

Time leaves tick marks, and they form the pattern of history. And this way the years of aging gradually form the rich shades of the ARARAT bouquet.


The new shape of bottles, updated labels and gift wrapping make ARARAT brandies more contemporary and unique.

It is the aging that tells us about the peculiarities of the aroma and the taste of the brandy. We have highlighted the age block on the packaging, and now you can easily find the brandy that you need.

We have developed a new 7-year-old blend for ARARAT Ani brandy, created according to all the traditions of ARARAT brandy production, with a multifaceted aroma and full, rich taste.

The inimitable Akhtamar and Nairi

The packaging design for Akhtamar and Nairi slightly differs from other brandies in the ARARAT range, which emphasizes their special rich character and makes them an excellent choice for a gift.

ARARAT Akhtamar — The intense and silky color of the package reflects the character of the brandy’s taste

ARARAT Nairi — The special design of the box reflects the premium quality of the brandy

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