The cool climate of the north of Armenia gave ARARAT Single Cask 12 YO an exceptional refinement, and 12 years of aging in underground storages of the Tavush region – a delicate and multifaceted taste. For its production exclusively grapes of the endemic variety "Lalvar" are used, which makes the alcohols especially harmonious and round.

0.75 l
Alc. by vol.
12 years


Light amber color with rich shades of precious mahogany.
Combines notes of candied fruits, roasted nuts and prunes that shade into a pleasantly scalding aftertaste.
It harmoniously combines juicy notes of prunes, flowers and caramel vanilla.

the moment

Spend time with pleasure

A truly limited edition of the collection of the Yerevan Brandy Company will be an excellent gift for a true connoisseur of elite alcohol and an occasion to gather with loved ones. Experience the strength and character of this pure Armenian brandy at room temperature, or try the drink in a chilled glass as an aperitif.


High quality embodiment

One of the secrets of the voluminous taste of ARARAT Single Cask 12 YO lies in the cooler aging conditions of brandy distillates. This ensures that the alcohol in the cask acquires a self-sufficient sounding without blending. This is the only drink in the range that has not undergone chill filtration, which allowed it to preserve its characteristic notes as much as possible. The cork and the gift box are decorated with a wood pattern; the outline of Mount Ararat is recognized on the label — the main source of inspiration for the masters.

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Exceptional taste characteristics made ARARAT brandies famous far beyond the borders of Armenia. The ARARAT range has the right drink for any occasion. Find out more about our range on the website.

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