By the glory of times

Yerevan Brandy Company is proud to present the new masterpiece, crowning achievement of the legendary ARARAT range — the 30-year-old ARARAT Erebuni brandy. This precious blend is the quintessence of the centuries-old heritage of Armenia, the embodiment of creative triumph and artistry.

The new 30-year-old ARARAT Erebuni brandy is a reason for pride and the result of long efforts of Yerevan Brandy Company master blenders. It is the first ultra-premium brandy in the ARARAT range. It owes its existence to the unique heritage of the Armenian brandy production and the talent of generous passionate people and truly dedicated professionals.

The flawless ARARAT Erebuni blend is made up of more than thirty rare and vintage spirits that have been biding their time in the cellars of the Yerevan Brandy Company. They impart the brandy its rich amber color with touches of mahogany. The oldest spirit in the blend dates back to 1934 and underscores the exceptional status of this brandy.

ARARAT Erebuni brandy features an exquisite fragrance and velvety flavor. The aroma of dried fruit gently and harmoniously combines with hints of candied orange and vanilla. The full flavor brings out hints of chocolate and toasted hazelnut. Its long aftertaste delivers the pleasant tartness of aged oak combined with apricot and smoky plums.

The most valuable brandy of the ARARAT range bears the proud name of the Erebuni Fortress, built in 782 BC by order of King Argishti I. And so the luxurious golden ARARAT Erebuni packaging is engraved with the ancient cuneiform characters that immortalized in stone the triumphant moment when Yerevan, the future capital of Armenia, was founded.


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