The Moscow Premiere of Cherubini’s “Medea”

Written in the late 18th century by the greatest figure in French opera, Luigi Cherubini, «Medea» today remains one of the most popular performances in the world. The preeminent composer of the French Revolution, he managed to create a magnificent work, which was comparable in scale with the ancient Greek myth that it was based on.

In the middle 20th century, Cherubini’s «Medea» experienced a rebirth thanks to the masterful performance of the main role by Maria Callas. This role definitively confirmed Callas as an opera legend, and since then the title role has made special demands of its performers. On the stage of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre, the role of Medea is performed by the jewel of the troupe — the world famous soprano Hibla Gerzmava.

Moscow premiere guests, just like the Parisians of two centuries ago, were amazed by the music: «broad, expressive, magnificent and terrible». The play also made use of dialogues written by Franz Lachner in 1854, giving the opera unity and a special power. The gloomy atmosphere that permeates all of the acts, forced everyone to hold their breath, anxiously waiting for the familiar ending.

After a standing ovation, guests moved to the theater’s atrium. There they were greeted with a special cocktail made with the theatre partner’s own evening drink — the Legendary Armenian Brandy ARARAT. This time, the sophisticated public was presented with ARARAT «Premiere» with its intense fruity aroma, and ARARAT «Inspiration» — possessing a noble bitterness. These fine cocktails delicately emphasized the ceremonial mood of the evening and gave the audience unforgettable ARARAT moments.


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