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ARARAT as “Anahit” Film Awards Partner

ARARAT as “Anahit” Film Awards Partner

On April 15, on the eve of the Armenian Cinema Day "Anahit" Film Awards took place with the support of the legendary Armenian ARARAT brandy.

ARARAT brandies have always supported both Armenian and international significant cultural events by uniquely documented the brightest moments of triumph.

“Anahit” Awards was founded in 2016 by the Armenian National Film Academy. By uniting professionals of the Armenian film industry, Armenian National Film Academy awards the most promising pictures, which on the long run draws a huge perspective for them to seek new success on the leading film awards worldwide.

The celebrated moments of the festive award were accompanied by the legendary Armenian ARARAT brandies.

“To the degree, brandy-making is an art of portraying the present for the sake of future joy. I believe, that in that sense, it is similar to filmmaking. Masters from both industries leave their unique trace in history – in the chronicles of brandy-making as well as in the rich archives of the Armenian Cinema,” says Serge Khachatryan, Chief Operating Officer of Yerevan Brandy Company.

“The birth of the Armenian Cinema was set on April 16, 1923, with the decision to establish State Cinema institution. Armenian filmmakers have their significant role in the history world cinema. Founded by the Armenian National Film Academy, the 3rd “Anahit” Film Awards took place to promote and to mark the progress of the Armenian Cinema. We are all delighted to announce that the celebration was festive. Indeed, this bright event became possible thanks to our partners, especially Yerevan Brandy Company, who stood by our side by intertwining the taste and warmth of the legendary brandies with the magic of films,” says Ruben Jaghinyan, the President of Armenian National Film Academy.

The winner of “Anahit” Film Awards for the best picture is “Should the Wind Drop” (Ani Vorskanyan as producer), for the best director is Nora Martirosyan, for the best actress is Lily Elbakyan for her role in “Chnchik” and the award for the best actor went to David Hakobyan for his role in “Should the Wind Drop”.

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