Welcome to Armenia, the keeper of an ancient civilization, the cradle of winemaking, the free and hospitable homeland of ARARAT brandy! Start your unforgettable journey to the world where intertwine history and modernity, traditions and experiments, natural generosity and creative passion — to the world of the ARARAT.
Take the 360° tour to the birthplace of the Armenian legend and discover the mystery of brandy-making, wherever you are.
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When and how visit Armenia

Climate and seasons
Armenia has a continental climate characterized by cold winters with snowfall common in the north of the country and dry, hot summers. The wettest months in Armenia are April and May. It is considered that the most comfortable time to head to Armenia is the beginning and end of summer and the early autumn, but we believe, Armenia can be interesting and able to offer something impressive in every season of the year.
from -5
to +42
dram (AMD)
UTC + 4
Car drives
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April and May, the weather gets warmer and nature begins to blossom, filling the air with wonderful aromas.
Throughout the summer, Yerevan experiences the peak of the heat and many Armenians go to the magnificent Lake Sevan for recreation.
Autumn in Armenia is warm, windless and mild, with a red-gold foliage and an abundance of ripening fruits and berries.
Winters in Armenia are usually very cold with snow covering the entire cities — it’s good time to visit Armenian ski resort Tsakhkadzor and enjoy the views of snowy slopes.
The best way to get to Armenia is to fly to Zvartnots International Airport, near Yerevan. Armenia is friendly to budget travelers — there are plenty of daily direct flights from a lot of cities with a cheap average price for one way flight per person. Look for the best deals, book, lean back and enjoy your trip!

Where to stay

Choose where you want to stay in Armenia among a lot of variants from cozy guest houses
with high standard accommodation to luxury hotels.
Opera Suite Hotel

Opera Suite Hotel Yerevan is the embodiment of contemporary luxury. With its 106 modern suites, business-friendly meeting spaces, state-of-the-art facilities and amenities it is designed to relax and inspire. The Italian furniture and the unique and exquisite interior design imbue elegance into every corner and detail of the hotel.
Opera Suite Hotel is situated in the heart of Yerevan, one of the most historic and modern cities in the world. This luxury hotel showcases refined taste and creates a valuable experience of comfort and relaxation for travelers. Due to its ideal location, convenience of 106 suits, wide range of facilities and high-quality service, it has distinguished itself as one of the best hotels in Yerevan.

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Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan

True luxury, boasting elegant and well-appointed accommodation. Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan welcomes its visitors with outstanding amenities and a prime location in the city. Stylish rooms offer deluxe bedding, high-speed internet, marble bathrooms and soundproof windows. Delicious dining in the hotel’s restaurants is another memorable experience, thanks to their authentic Italian cuisine, international favorites and a stylish bar/lounge.

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Grand Hotel Yerevan

Your journey to where the East meets the West. Elegant and modern, Grand Hotel Yerevan is remarkable with the charm of its 1928 neoclassical building. Being located in the center of Yerevan, this luxury hotel is an embodiment of modern and ancient Armenian history and culture. With its roof-top pool, fitness center with sauna and modern business center with private cabins the hotel is ideal both for business travelers and sightseers.

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The Alexander

Luxury hotel with unbeatable service and exceptional accommodation. An inviting retreat in the heart of Yerevan, The Alexander offers guestrooms and suites with modern design, grand gold accents and hints of Armenian motifs. Its collection of bars and restaurants will please the most discerning guests, while the beauty salon and matchless spa, well-equipped gym and indoor pool, overlooking the city’s historic skyline will make the stay at the hotel unforgettable.

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Where and what to eat & drink

An inseparable part of the Armenian culture and history, rich and various local cuisine satisfies the preferences of any person and makes immersion in the country traditions completed. Enjoy the authentic taste of national food complemented by a glass of ARARAT brandy.
Cascade Royal

Cascade Royal Restaurant and Lounge,which opened in April 2016, is located on Antarayin Street 192, not far from the museum of Charles Aznavour. With is stunning and fantastic view, the location Is one of the winning spots of Yerevan.
Excellent restaurant with amazing view.It’s full of tasty dishes,fantastic atmosphere and excellent service. From the restaurant you can enjoy the beautiful views to Yerevan and legendary Mount Ararat.


Mamoor opened in February, 2017 by the Chief from France. It was a new kind of restaurant for Yerevan where the food could challenge & inspire. Our chief wanted to give people a place where theyґd always feel at home. We had an idea to create a restaurant that was more than a place, which serves just great food. Therefore, we are creating a memorable experience for every guest.
Mamoor delights the senses with elegant ambiance, delicious cuisine & polite service. It is located in the heart of Yerevan. European & continental cuisine is inspired by variety & accompanied by best wines.
Here you can also sit & follow your order’s cooking process.  The music is mainly background. From blues to jazz to folk, you can catch live performances on every Thursday and Saturday evenings. Now we welcome you to come and taste our new menu! Mamoor is perfect choice for both family dinners and meeting with friends. Mamoor is always a place with a tradition in food excellence and exceptional dining experiences.

Mozaic Sky

Mosaics sky restaurant offers a unique picturesque panorama of the whole Yerevan. The view of the ancient and eternally young city, its surroundings from a birdґs-eye view is fascinating. Quite close, it seems a stoneґs throw away, stands the legendary mount Ararat, on the opposite side — the pearl of Armenian architecture-Republic Square. The entire city, as on their fingertips, soon twilight of sun… With the onset of darkness of the building, the area, leaving the streets, begin to flicker and shimmer with small magical lights of light, gradually showing a new, hitherto unprecedented, mosaic-magical image of the city.


Modern cuisine of the Caucasus and Transcaucasia. 300 Sunny days a year, mineral-rich water and soil-all this gave Armenia a wealth of flavors, flavors, colors and colors. The Armenian restaurant «Chinar» brings together all the flavor, tastes and aromas, flavored with centuries-old traditions of the hospitable Armenian people, and presented in an amazing atmosphere of comfort, so that we can meet each guest as we do it at home. We will share with you all the riches of Armenia from heart to heart.

Sinatra Restaurant

The imposing Sinatra Restaurant with its classic design, mixture of local and international dishes, professional staff is the embodiment of delectable cuisine.
The Sinatra Restaurant located on the 12th floor of Opera Suite Hotel offers a stunning interior and magnificent view of the city center, particularly the Opera House and Cascade. The restaurant is infused with international and modern dishes, prepared by our chef, who brings new energy and rich aromas to the restaurant, while expressing his culinary proficiency.

The Kond House

The Kond House is a traditional Yerevan house transformed into a bar, distillery and an open air grill bar. We bring here our experience of distilling eau de vies from the fruit that we harvest ourselves, and use it to devise unique cocktails. You can dive into the world of noisy parties in the Sartre room, or chill and enjoy conversations with your friends in the non-smoking room and the outdoor terrace.

Florence Restaurant

Exquisite traditions and modern elegance. Large banquet halls, multigenre and beautiful live music, delicious cuisine and first-class service. Even the most discerning guests will enjoy the time spent in Florence restaurant.

Provence Café Restaurant

Tranquil feelings of harmony and dining styled to suit your mood. A comfortable place with friendly staff, quiet music and unique dishes from French and Italian cuisines. Can one imagine a French family table without duck pate and an Italian gathering without traditional Italian black pasta prepared with seafood? Combine it with a wide selection of spirits, and jovial mood is guaranteed. These are just 2 examples of what is awaiting visitors at Provence restaurant.

Salon Restaurant

Salon: restaurant and more… Located in the center of Yerevan, Salon offers both Armenian and European cuisine, created by top chefs. Its visitors can savor cocktails created exclusively for the restaurant’s guests, as well as exceptional draft beer of the freshest yeast, which, unlike other famous draft beers, is not pasteurized, preserving its one-of-a-kind taste.

Charles Restaurant

Pleasing interior, elegant live music, excellent service, great staff. The restaurant symbolizes the bond between Armenia and France: it’s named not only after Charles Aznavour, but also many French people. Situated in Yerevan’s most crowded part, it offers European cuisine and traditional Armenian dishes, as well as wines of high quality. The live music of violin and piano will make the guests’ pastime unforgettable, filling the atmosphere with love and serenity.

Cactus Restaurant & Bar

Warm welcome, atmosphere of fiesta, tunes of Mexican and Latino music. Mariachi, tequila, spicy food are some of the things visitors of Mexico never forget. Cactus has it all: the richest bar in the country with a great variety of spirits, soft drinks and exclusive cocktails. This little Mexican corner welcomes its guests with its car parking, free delivery, broadband internet and lots of other surprises.

Grammy Café

Green area, modern design, lounge music, delicious dishes and drinks. Situated in the heart of Yerevan and designed with photos of Grammy Music Award prize winners, the café offers a variety of dishes from Armenian, European, Slavic cuisines, as well as delicious pastries and desserts. The café is also famous for its delicious cocktails and fresh juices made by a bartender who has won the 1st prize in the annual bartender contest in Armenia.


Unique and delicious cuisine, mild music and romantic atmosphere. Located near the Yerevan State Drama Theatre, Terrazza is marked by impeccable service and luxury felt in every little detail of the interior. It offers European cuisine, French and Italian in particular, prepared by a French-trained chef.

Avenue by L’Orange

Luxurious and delicate design, relaxing atmosphere, candlelit dinners. Avenue by L’Orange lounge bar is a unique place for parties, friendly meetings, family events and business negotiations. It offers a wide selection of assorted delicious dishes from various European cuisines and about 60 classic cocktails. The guests can also savor French coffee Richard, which is served only in the best coffee shops of France.


Ideal for cocktail enthusiasts, music lovers and vinyl groovers. Located in the city center, this bar is away from downtown noise and offers a unique combination of vintage interior, delicious cocktails, great music and friendly staff. Whether the visitors are spending their evening sitting inside or enjoying their drinks in the bar’s balcony, this place gives them the feeling of being at their best friend’s place who knows their tastes and preferences.

Montmartre Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

A place of great atmosphere, delicious cuisine and high-class service. Located on the roof of Paris Hotel Yerevan, Montmartre is full of light, warmth and touching melodies. Amazing cocktails with unique design and taste, wonderful evening musical performances by Armenian famous bands and singers, beautiful views of Yerevan and legendary Mount Ararat: everything here creates a magic atmosphere that helps visitors to relax and feel special.

Mezzo Classic House-Club

Exceptional cuisine and live music of various styles. Mezzo, an upscale club in the heart of Yerevan offers multi-sectioned zones thanks to its unique design. The guests may browse through the Bar’s large wine and spirit variety, relax in comfortable sofa seats of Red or Brown Lounge areas, dine in the classically designed Restaurant section, or listen to live music in the Parterre zone, relaxing in the venue’s fascinating mood and atmosphere.

Malkhas Jazz Club

A venue hosting the crème de la crème of Armenian jazz talent. Named after its owner, renowned Armenian jazzman Maestro Levon Malkhasyan, Malkhas Jazz Club is a place for jazz connoisseurs. The warm, relaxing, yet dynamic atmosphere of live performances, concerts and jam sessions of Armenian bands and musicians, combined with delicious food and drinks will leave lasting memories in the hearts of visitors.


What to discover

Now we’ll guide you through the most interesting and impressive places of Yerevan. Make up your «must-visit» list — explore the ARARAT Museum with its centuries-old history of the brandy making and the secrets of craftsmanship, enjoy an art in the modern galleries and visit local museums with their impressive ancient collections of paintings, artifacts, numismatics and ethnography items.

Komitas Museum-Institute is located in Yerevan, in the park named after Komitas. It is one of the centers of cultural heritage of Armenia. Museum-Institute includes a hall of permanent and temporary expositions, a music library, a research center and a concert hall, which periodically hosts concerts of chamber, classical, contemporary, as well as folk and sacred music.
The personality of the composer and musical ethnographer Komitas (1869–1935) is associated with Armenian identity. In Komitas Museum-Institute you can get acquainted with the history of his life, activity, as well as enjoy art works by Armenian artists and sculptors.
During the tour in the cultural center you will be accompanied by unique music recorded by Komitas in Paris in 1912.

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Ervand Kochar

Artist and sculptor Ervand Kochar’s (1899–1979) Museum is an important research and propaganda center of historic Avant-garde in the region. In Paris (1923–1936) he created works which placed his name among the greatest – those who determined the progress of the European and the world Avant-Garde. Kochar is the founder of Painting in Space or “Peinture dans L’espace” – a new plastic expression including time as the fourth dimension. European art critics considered Kochar one of those “pioneers who had transformed our perceptions about art in a few years and overturned the world….”
And it is only in Kochar Museum and at the Pompidou Center in Paris that the miracle of Kochar’s art which is called “Painting in Space” is exhibited. Unique documents and valuable facts of his connections with the leaders of Avant-garde are also displayed.
The Armenian artist’s work was displayed along with those of Picasso, Braque, Arp, Brancusi, Leger, Kiriko and others. In 1936 Kochar repatriated to his Motherland in the USSR. Prison, banishment and isolation followed, which undoubtedly left an imprint on his creative life, but there was a counter-reaction in this case. The so-called Khrushchovian melt-down of the 50–60’s also had an effect. This period is one of Kochar’s soaring genius, reborn and abandoned hopes.

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The museum of the famous film director and artist S. Parajanov was founded 1988 and opened in 1991 after one year of his death. It is one of the most visited museums in Yerevan. Parajanov’s artis-tic heritage — collages, assemblages drawings, film sketches, dolls, hats, private things and gifts by his friends, totally 1600 items, are kept in the museum.
Parajanov’s works are his distinctive reaction to life and events around him, his aesthetic per-ception of the world, the part of which was made in prison: the Soviet system suspended Parajanov from shooting films for almost 15 years, 5 of which (1973–1977 and 1982) were spent in prisons and “camps of severe regime.”

The Artist’s work has no direct analogies in the world art and amazes with its fantasy, wit and mastery. The use of various materials and objects imparts a special charm and brilliance to it. His aes-thetic system also includes plastic art, based on traditions of Armenian, Eastern and Oriental art. In the course of 26 years of its existence the museum has organised 64 exhibitions in 30 coun-tries.

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The House-museum of Martiros Sarian (1880–1972) – the eminent artist of the XX century was founded by a special decision of the government of Armenia and the Master lived to see its opening in November 26, 1967.
The Museum building consists of the house where Sarian lived from 1932 to 1972 and a gallery constructed in 1967.
The Sarian House-museum exposition is unique as it enables to get to know all the periods of the Masters art, from his early drawings, up to his last paintings and the cycle of drawings executed at the end of his life.
From the day of its opening up to now the Sarian House-museum is one of the most frequented in Yerevan and Sarian’s art for nearly a century has become the main symbol and visiting card of Armenia.

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Museum of Russian Art

The Museum of Russian Art (the collection of professor Aram Abrahamian) is one of the unique cultural hubs in Armenia. It was founded in 1980 based on the private collection of Professor Aram Abrahamian, a well-known doctor — scientist.
The museum represents art works of Russian artists from the end of 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries — such as V. Serov, K. Korovin, M. Vrubel, A. Benu, Y. Lanser, N. Rerikh, N. Goncharov, Z. Serebryakov, K. Somov, N. Sapunov, S. Sudeykin, P. Kuznetsov, K. Petrov-Vodkin, I. Mashkov, A. Kuprin, A. Lentulov, R. Falka, N. Udaltsov, A. Osmerkin and others.
In 1995 one of the masterpieces of the genius artist, the father of the Russian Art Noveau, Mikhail Vrubel’s – “Demon and the Angel with Tamara’s Soul” was stolen from the museum. In 2017, after a long 22- year international search the work was found and was handed to museum.

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“Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve was established on October 19, 1968 in honor of the 2750th anniversary of Yerevan city. The scientific reason for the opening of the museum were artefacts, unearthed from the three famous archaeological sites Arin berd, Karmir blur and Shengavit, situated on the administrative borders of Yerevan city. Today the “Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve acts with “Karmir blur” and “Shengavit” branches. “Erebuni” is the only archaeological museum-reserve in Yerevan and an important Urartuological center in the region.

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Visit Armenia, the Yerevan Brandy Company and the ARARAT Museum to discover centuries-old history of land of the legendary ARARAT brandy’s origin and to experience true craftsmanship, passion and generosity.
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